NeXScratchGuard, anti-scratch treatment.
In the goal to constantly improve our products, we have developed a process for ensuring a better resistance against rays and shocks on the technical Resine pieces..


NexScratchguard anti-scratch treatment

This procedure, fitted to all piece type, is going to allow you to benefit all potential of the Technical Resine in the feasibility for the shapes as well as the transpareny’s colours and precision and from now, rays and shocks resistance.

All our products with the NEX Scratchguard coating are guaranteed 100% Swiss Made.

Anti-scratch treatment

  • Storing temperature test: -20°C / + 70°C / duration 24h
  • Climatic test: 60°C / 90% humidity / duration 168h
  • Water Shock test: 60°C to 5°C duration <3 sec
  • Saltwater test: 40°C / saltwater / duration 72h
  • Tesa test: normal temperature
  • Tesa test: after water storage 60°C
  • Water test: 40°C / 3 days
  • Artificial sweat test: 40°C / 3 days
  • Abrasion resistance test: (jh) 60’000 times / 5 cycles at 28’800 times

See the technical sheet

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