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    Since 1946, Kyburz & Cie SA has made minute precision, responsiveness and innovation the mainstays of the company’s strength, together with sophisticated and efficient quality control. This is part of the company’s heritage. Read More
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    Historically, Kyburz & Cie SA developed its proficiency in precision and miniaturisation through contact with watchmakers, by the manufacturing of watch glasses, tension rings, flanges and the other pieces for dials, in different forms and colors. Read More
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    Our mechanics skills facilitate the development and the realization of injection moulds in brass and steel. Read More
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    We pay the biggest attention to quality control of the parts we manufacture. This clearly positions us as a qualitative “leader”. Read More
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    Choose Kyburz & Cie SA for the conception and the manufacturing of parts in sapphire, mineral or plastic glass in the forms and the volumes adapted to your reality, gets many advantages Read More
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Draft Dials

Let us present you our range of injected plastic dials mixing various technicals.

Dial's injection from 0.40 mm of thickness.
Dial's injection with feets.
Various colours transparency is possible, Pad-Printing post injection et cut post injection.

For further information, please contact our here



  You have come to the heart of hi-tech engineering, to one of the most highly specialised companies for the manufacture and marketing of mineral, sapphire and plastics injected components.  


IHMA 2015

On December 3rd Kyburz and Placor - in collaboration with Morphotonix - won in Shanghai the Excellence in Holodgraphy Award of the best applied security product for "Decoration and Security in One" with their Swiss Watch Dials.